A very Happy Birthday to my Bumble B!

I was half way through my pregnancy when I became a victim of pregnancy discrimination and was fired. It was a rough and scary time for me, especially since literally no one wanted to hire a pregnant woman. Lucily, thanks to the encouragement and help of my friends, family, my best friend and Partner, and of course the amazing CRAVE ladies, I picked up my camera and never looked back!

When my son was born I remember the first thing I thought was “My whole world is different now and he changed everything the moment he arrived” and in many ways everything was. (My following thought was if I could have my camera back from the nurse to take photos of my 2 minute old new born!) One of the big things my son changed about me was my photography! Before him my style was very dark and some what serious, but since he’s come along over night I became bright and whimsical which is exactly how he makes me feel!

I can’t believe that all happend 2 years ago! It’s been such a wonderful experience watching him grow and learn. Every day he has made me smile and brought laughter into our lives. Some days he’s brought bitter sweet tears to my eyes and if I’m at all honest, somedays (like most days) he drives me absolutely bonkers! And I wouldn’t change a second of it! I feel like the luckiest person in the world to be a mom to such a great kiddo! So here are the official 2 year old photos of my Bumble B! And here’s to looking forward to year 3!


 Happy Birthday Bradley 





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