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Tucked away (not so very neatly) behind red velvet ropes and heavy curtains this photographer has been toiling away. Don’t be shy, come on in and have a sneak peak of what is to come!

The Makings of


I’m not sure how other boudoir and glamour photographers get their start, but when I unlocked the key to my powers of feminine sexuality I became completely enamoured! Don’t misunderstand, I was no prude before but I was admittedly stuck in some areas of life. I thought I already knew what sexy really was and could even be sexy myself on occasion. But I knew there was something I couldn’t put my finger on that seemed to be holding back and I had tried doing every thing by the book so to speak.

My concept of sexuality and how to use it wasn't wrong, but only a small narrow vision of the whole that we see today in everyday society.

Melody Rae - Photographer

I couldn’t even blog for Melody Rae Photography because I had nothing new I felt like saying that was truly worth saying! Well hold on to your panties because when it comes to my new venture I have Notebooks chock full and am bursting at the seems with EXCITEMENT!

Little did I know that being better connected to my own sexuality was a source of super energy and strength to be tapped into which caused me to have a huge, positive mental shift!  It made me see the entire world in a new BEAUTIFUL light and most importantly myself and my body!


Who knew that something so small from my past had shaped my idea of what it meant to be a good person and what society expected of me as a woman? By cutting myself off from my true raw sexual self to conform to those standards only stunted personal growth in other extremely important areas of my life.


“It is clear to me that when we are disengaged from any part of ourselves, including our sexuality, our hearts and bodies close in response. When we close, we stop evolving, and we no longer live and love to our fullest potential. Our lives lack creativity and joy, spontaneity and humor. As a culture, we have supported this unfortunate process in each other by ignoring the realities of our sexual instincts. Consequently, we are disconnected from the core of our sexual selves.”

–Marianne Brandon


Soon followed personal studies in psychology, sexolgy, and feminist studies. Posing workshops, and hours upon hours of new Photography techniques and learning ensued. Friends, family, and my own partner could drastically see the difference it made for me. Thus left the question of how I could continue doing the photography that I loved and some how combine my new love for feminine sexual empowerment.

And so was born, The Vixen Effect!

While I consider it my very own baby, this has been a labor of love from so many bodacious enterprising women here in the Netherlands that it wouldn’t be possible with out! Many whom I hope we’ll see as our very own Vixen inspirations from time to time. From hair and make up, to styling, fashion, logo, name and brand design…even catering of some of the sexiest bites you’ll ever nibble on!


We work together to provide a liberating, luxury beauty and boudoir experience. Helping women feel confident, beautiful, and sexy in their own bodies because we know that when a woman is better connected with her feminine and sensual side she can have a more compassionate understanding of her sexual self. We celebrate sexy in a variety of women of all shapes and sizes, styles, and backgrounds.


I am not  just another boudoir photographer because I hold a fancy camera and say I am while aimlessly photographing pretty models to show off my talent (no more than a blogger would give great writing on the type of their laptop) but it’s in the why!

I photograph because I think my ability to imagine and envision the types of scenes a woman might want to convey are both beautiful and valuable! They deserve attention and kindness and to feel as beautiful on the inside as the outside. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve had fellow photographers snap photos of me that well…just didn’t capture or flatter me at all! Maybe you can relate?


Thus one of my main purposes/ fixations is to show beauty (real, genuine, true beauty) through it (of any kind it may be) as much as possible and help people discover the ultimate visual (guilty) pleasures often forgotten today. I want to help show women how they really want to be seen, whether it’s for their partner and loved one or just for themselves!

As Vixens we believe everybody and every Body has it’s own unique story. And what story doesn’t have a conflict or two? We want to know where you are in your story to help give you the most fulfilling and fun boudoir experience. We as women have so many different sides. Sometimes sweet, flirty, serious, beautiful…even a little naughty can be nice.

We work together to provide a liberating, luxury beauty and boudoir experience. Helping women feel confident, beautiful, and sexy in their own bodies because we know that when a woman is better connected with her feminine and sensual side she can have a more compassionate understanding of her sexual self. We celebrate sexy in a variety of women of all shapes and sizes, styles, and backgrounds.

The Vixen Effect

Model Call: We need you!


That’s right! We are offering the chance for 3 lucky ladies to join us for a day of fabulous fun and experience this for themselves! We’re busy building our portfolio with some awesome images and need some Camera Loving gals to model at a residential studio.

You don’t need to be a size 0 or have any model experience but you do need:

  • to be 19+
  • be comfortable in your own skin (or is maybe something you are working on)
  • provide your own wardrobe (we’re looking for a mix of glamour to casual, and lengerie. Outfits will be coordinated and styled depending on your individual look. No nudity is required because we believe sexy is more a state of mind but we love to show off some skin!)
  • sign a Model release
  • Give us feed back! We want to hear from you about your experience and what you thought! So far we are hearing great things from our previous 2 clients and are expecting to hear many more from our April bookings but we still want to hear from you!

In return for your time as a lovely Vixen we want to treat you like any Vixen should! Full hair and make up by the super talented Katie Larcombe whose work has been featured on a major brands and magazines from Glossy to VOGUE! 6 fully retouched stylized photos of yourself and some tasty nibbles, cakes, and champagne during the session!

This is an opportunity to connect with yourself. If you need to bring your sexy back or just want to join us in celebrating and are up for a fun time: then get into contact with me! Questions? Concerns? Don’t hesitate to ask!






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  • Your Boudoir Session

  • About you




1. Do not go tanning 5 days before the session to avoid burns & blotchy skin

2. Be sure any body hair is well groomed, shaved legs

3. Have your fingernails & toenails manicured

4. Arrive in loose fitting clothing and avoid wearing a bra, underwear, socks or anything that will leave unsightly dent marks in your skin


  • Feel welcome to bring along a girlfriend (not your mom or significant other) who will cheer you on and tell you how great you look
  • Any article of clothing or lingerie that you find flattering and feel comfortable wearing. Bring a selection.
  • Jewelry you love
  • Shoes and Heels (check for clean bottoms or use this as a great excuse to get some new ones!
  • Stalkings, fishnets, or any other items that you would like!


Your portrait session will result in custom imagery that you will treasure for a lifetime.  Outlined below are some of the investments involved with one-of-a-kind portraiture designed especially for you.


  • Glamour and Boudoir Session fees begin at €440 including Hair and Make up and btw. This fee is due at the time of booking and will guarantee your session date. This fee does NOT include the hotel rental if you choose to have one.
  • The session fee is for the commissioning, consultation and talent of the photographer and does not include albums, prints or digital files. Travel and location expenses may apply.
  • Artfully designed collections include 20 digital files and begin at €100
  • For more information on products, please contact us for samples and pricing. Prints start at €15 for 20×30 matted. Books and fine art prints are available starting at only €350!




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I just had to get this Family Amsterdam Session up after my facebook post the other day. The Jacobsen family was such a joy to photograph. I’m always excited to hear the word “twins” no matter how old they may be! These guys were super fun because we played 101 questions the whole session and to be honest…I kind of loved it. They are destined to be super smart kiddos and the whole family are lookers. Don’t take my word for it. Have a peek. And if you’re interested in having your own Amsterdam Session be sure to contact me as Spring is just around the corner! I’ve already got bookings in April but a few more weekends to fill up until then!




IMG_2632 - kopie










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Having a glum and grey Sunday morning? Well this is one post you are going to either love or hate me for. But I should warn you to go and collect some eating utensils to place neatly besides your keyboard (or mobile device if you’re on one now) and perhaps a cloth napkin to lap up and drool that may occur. If you haven’t heard the coolest thing trending right now is BREAKFAST. Yes, Breakfast has made it’s way back in to our lives, stomaches, and hearts here in Amsterdam.

There are a number of really great places to grab a delicious well made coffee and a breakfast that doesn’t just consist of Dutch Pannekoek here in the city and this is one that you should most certainly take note of. Kerkstraat 59  is an old fashioned New York styled diner with an open kitchen and super friendly staff. If you’ve ever eaten and sipped the mouth watering, juicy Margaritas at it’s neighbor Los Pilones, you’ll want to stay tuned as this Cafe doesn’t just serve coffee and tea with your breakfast. They pair perfectly with some of the more savory dishes but this foodie photog has to admit I got a little chocolate cake on my hand (and unthinkingly licked it off) and it was to die for! I should have added that it paired perfectly with the delicious Cava I had after. I promise I don’t drink and shoot. So what’s your favorite Breakfast place in the city? Don’t answer that till you’ve tried this one!




















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  • November 20, 2013

Following up with my last personal blog post for the Dear Diagnosis blogathon I’d like to share Julie Flygare’s Narcolepsy infographic. This is a great thing to have a quick look at and if you click the image you can see Julie’s video explaining everything.

To me, Julie is very brave. Narcolepsy is a complex disease and debilitating disorder that at times can be difficult to explain. In some ways it would seem to be easier to just hide it away and make excuses (like being klutzy or tired, or blame it on the Dutch weather change) but by being more open and honest about it we can avoid those cliché 80′s misconceptions and help others with Narcolepsy get an earlier diagnosis!


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