So I have a little motto here, and that is: “Work hard, Play hard!” Which is exactly what we did yesterday.

After a busy morning of photo appointments I couldn’t help myself but to indulge in a cool and tasty starbucks treat which isn’t something I do very often anymore. I still haven’t tried out the new Rembrant location but I think I like the Beethoveenstraat the best as it reminds me of home there. Not to crazy with tourist like the Leidsestraat but nicely buzzing. I can’t help but wonder what other people’s favorite is considering we literally only have a handful of locations to choose from.

Afterwards, we headed to the park and met friends. Talk about a beautiful day! My son is just crazy about those slides! We especially love this one because it’s long enough that he doesn’t fall off after going down.

All in all, it was a great day! For the first time I am booked completely full this weekend so it was nice to spend some quality time with my son! And whats more- I booked two new clients that day for the upcoming month that I think are going to be just great shoots!  Super psyched!

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So I can’t hold off anymore! I just have to share a small sneak peak! Isn’t it sweet? Currently, I’m teaming up with long time friend and fellow Photographer Nadine van der Wielen and we’re in the process of creating Lavender Light Fotografie which will specialize in all things love! Weddings, engagements, you name it! It’s so much fun to work together and I think we make a great team! We’ll be sponsoring an Open House shopping day this weekend at Unielle Couture which is an amazing bridal gown shop that gives a 3D body scan to make the perfect wedding dress!


If you know of any brides to be, let them know because if the come out they get a free sample photo of them in a stunning couture gown! In the mean time, I can’t wait to share the rest of the photos we took as it’s fun to see things from different angles-and I hope to be seeing some of you love birds very soon!

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With one super busy Photography packed week ahead of me, I’m super psyched that my Website and blog are finally coming along! I’m so excited for my coming shoots this weekend so I can show off some new content! Fingers crossed the weather stays this nice!

So in the mean time, with April Fools day coming up I thought we could have some fun! So let’s play some like it hot!

How hot is Melody Rae’s Life style Photography? You tell me! I’m just shy of 200 likes on my facebook page. Help get the word out and if I reach 200 by April 1st, and I’ll down one Habenero Pepper courtesy of my favorite restaurant Los Pilones! Let’s make things more interesting. For every hundred I get, I’ll down another one! You can come join me at the new Los Pilones Location in the Neiuw Markt and have a laugh and if you can’t make it, I’ll be sure to share some video and photos.

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One of my all time favorite models happens to be my own son. What can I say? I may be biased, but I think he’s incredibly cute and we have so much fun playing and photo shooting together. I just love his blue eyes and it’s hard to believe that I didn’t pay them any special attention or touch ups! They are just that Blue! It must have something to do with what he’s wearing or the blue blanket.  I thought we’d beat the Monday Blues with some blue color fun!



 Wishing everyone an amazing week with plenty of Blue skies! 


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