Book release by David de Kock

So today I have something a little bit different to share. I usually leave my business work and portraits to the people themselves but this is something you just must check out! To be honest, it’s made me realize that as much fun as families are to photograph, I’ve missed doing adult portraits! Then again, I am just a big kid with a very expensive toy!

I was so fortunate to not only get to photograph David de Kock, but I got to hear him speak live! I even got a copy of his new book 365 Dagen Succesvol! ”Your best year ever” Co-written with Arjan Vergeer. Let’s see how good my Dutch is if I can read the whole thing! I managed to understand the whole talk in Dutch (yes, go me!) and it was both touching and thought provoking. I’m really looking forward to following this talented guy and seeing what more comes!

The thing I loved most about his talk was that it wasn’t necessarily directed to big business owners, but the small people too! The whole concept is on a very personal level and effects the choices and postive outlook you make in every day life. If you are an entrepreneur or just want to find a measure of success in your every day life and work (and or speak amazing Dutch) I would most certainly recommend this book and that you check out more of his work by visiting the David de Kock Institute. The really fantastic thing about this book is that it’s interactive! There are blanks to be filled in, work to do yourself, and even some quotes from famous movie stars such as Yoda of Star Wars (now you know why I’m sold! Nerd alert!)

One of my favorite things about the talks were the little boxes of “the Negative Thought Killer” pictured above. On a special note to David, as some one who has been there, I was very touched to see who the book is dedicated to.



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