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Having a glum and grey Sunday morning? Well this is one post you are going to either love or hate me for. But I should warn you to go and collect some eating utensils to place neatly besides your keyboard (or mobile device if you’re on one now) and perhaps a cloth napkin to lap up and drool that may occur. If you haven’t heard the coolest thing trending right now is BREAKFAST. Yes, Breakfast has made it’s way back in to our lives, stomaches, and hearts here in Amsterdam.

There are a number of really great places to grab a delicious well made coffee and a breakfast that doesn’t just consist of Dutch Pannekoek here in the city and this is one that you should most certainly take note of. Kerkstraat 59  is an old fashioned New York styled diner with an open kitchen and super friendly staff. If you’ve ever eaten and sipped the mouth watering, juicy Margaritas at it’s neighbor Los Pilones, you’ll want to stay tuned as this Cafe doesn’t just serve coffee and tea with your breakfast. They pair perfectly with some of the more savory dishes but this foodie photog has to admit I got a little chocolate cake on my hand (and unthinkingly licked it off) and it was to die for! I should have added that it paired perfectly with the delicious Cava I had after. I promise I don’t drink and shoot. So what’s your favorite Breakfast place in the city? Don’t answer that till you’ve tried this one!




















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  • November 18, 2013

“I never thought I’d be sitting in a bar after 2am, surrounded by really cool strangers, sipping booze from a tea cup!” Wait. Did I just say that out loud!? I couldn’t help but shrug and lifted my glass to a “Cheers” with my fellow drinking companions. Thankfully they did not leave me hanging.

The “birds and the bees” was one of the cocktails I had recently photographed and it tasted splendidly! I sat drinking in the nostalgic vibe of the bar along with my cocktail. It was something wonderful, something you can’t really find now days but was reminiscent to the feeling you get when you sit down to watch your favorite old movie. As I looked around it reminded me of a montage of several of my favorite old movies depending on the present constitutes and their moods and drinks. It made me laugh to think what a cocktail could say about a person’s character and taste. The guy in the corner was a Humphrey Bogart. His accomplice an equal alpha personality was definitely a Betty Paige. I wanted to peg the ex-Ad guy next to me as a Mad men but I really had the feeling he was setting out for more of a Rum Diary adventure or perhaps Jack Kerouac. I was living in the land of Audrey but noted my best friend right beside me was just short of 2 cross dressing men to make it into “Some like it Hot”. I’m sure she had a hot water bottle hidden in that giant purse somewhere.
The Birds and the Bees

If you’ve followed my work then you already know what bar this is. If not, you will find it hiding in plain sight, tucked away on the corner of a side street just a block up from the Gassan Diamond factory around the Waterlooplein.

Hiding in Plain Sight is by far the best bar I have ever been to in Amsterdam. I knew it the moment I walked in to shoot for my friend and amazing Chef Fong from Kitchen Seductions as she paired up for a dinner cocktail night. Despite wearing my mom jeans which surely I thought would have put me out of place, my inner gypsy hipster New Orleans lovin self was screaming “Lucy! I’m home!” And I really felt that way because the owners and staff made me feel that way. You see, they and I had something in common. We all love a really, truly good drink.

HPS doesn’t boost pent house views, or massage chairs, but they have some serious passion for great tasting drinks and the knowledge behind making those “blow your taste buds, befuddle your mind” delectable cocktails. The high spirited but cozy atmosphere and cool jivey tunes of the Swing time Gypsy Band or one of their famous themed events certainly don’t hurt either. Please don’t get me started on their Boozy Brunch. Nothing can be said short of very positive expletives. It’s hard to believe that they just celebrated their first year anniversary last February. I’m looking forward to another year of exciting cocktail photo shoots and events. HPS feels like it’s already a Dutch institution but I believe the fun has only just begun.

Check out a few more Vanitas from the last drink menu:




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