Foodie Sunday

So it’s definitely time for me to invest in a quality rain man, or perhaps to start bribing the weather man. Dutch Underground weather and the buiten Raider assured me Sunday would be Thunderstorms with hail during the day. That naturally wouldn’t do as I had some photoshoots with small children in them and heading out doors didn’t seem like the best idea. So I rescheduled them only to find sunny blue skies the whole afternoon through!

Between beating myself up and being frustrated with missing out on shooting time with the gorgeous weather, my partner reminded me to just try and enjoy the free weekend day with our little family so we headed out to the Westerfabriek Neighborhood food market where our friend Fong was serving up some amazing BAO pork buns! What better way to pass the day munching away? I’ll have to admitt it made me feel a bit better and was atleast a nice break from beating myself up over missing such great weather and light for my photoshoots.

There was some serious food porn going on but I have to say, Fong’s BAO stand was one of the smallest with one of the longest lines through out the whole venue! And we got in line just in time as she actually sold out! (yes, they are really just that savory and delicious!) Here’s some other delish things we got to see and try around the Neighborhood food market:

Check out that delicious Spanish tapas on the left and Raw Advacado Lime mint pie! I just really loved the indie vibe of the Neighborhood food market, the bilogical foods and wines- it was so much fun branching out and getting to talk to strangers across the tables! Definetly worth checking out and heading to the next one!





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