For shoots and giggles- Maternity session

I was so excited to get to photograph some friends of ours that are expecting. Talk about cuteness overload! I love when friends contact me for a photo session. It shows they really like me, and unlike perhaps your normal every day clients, they are honest- and I value hearing them. So below are just a few of the sweet shots we snapped at their home. I only wish I could increase the pixel size as some of them are just stunning in their larger format.

The shoot as a whole was alot of fun. K+O are super friendly, laid back, and a great looking couple. If baby Daniel gets half as much love and attention (and kisses!) that big Sis gives the dog, then he will be a lucky baby indeed. There was just so much love during this shoot, even when the smallest model had a break down (hey it’s hard work modelling infront of a big camera). I just can’t wait to meet and photograph the newest addition!



Love notes for Melody Rae

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