Happy Easter 2012

I hope every one has had a lovely weekend and Easter Holiday. We’ve had such splendid weather the last couple days I think it may be impossible not to enjoy it! After church this morning we headed over to the Grandparents for some sweet treats and then off to an Easter egg hunt hosted by the Informed Mama in the Amsterdam forest.

It was wonderful getting to spend some time with friends and family. So much for my day off, I ended up taking about a hundred photos but wanted to share a couple ones here:

 Happy Easter!  

Where man sees but withered leaves, God sees sweet flowers growing.  ~Albert Laighton

I absolutely love Easter in Amsterdam! It’s all about new life, renewel and love. The ending of winter and beginning of spring! As I was hiding eggs today I thought about the quote “Where man sees but withered leaves, God sees sweet flowers growing.” because through all the brown leaves I could see plants, tulips, and Daises pushing through! Colors, fun and sun! It won’t be long now!



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