I can have my cake and eat it too!

So if you haven’t seen my facebook post, I was lucky enough to have won a Sour-Cream and Chocolate cake from the English Cake Lady here in Amsterdam. While eating it all myself seemed like a fun option for every part of me except my hips I decided it would be more more fun to share with friends. So after a long day of shoots yesterday I headed out for a girls dinner and drinks at Los pilones and asked if the English Cake Lady could so kindly dedicate the cake to my friend for a belated birthday.

 And the English Cake Lady has struck again!  

This cake was the kind of good that if you dropped in on the floor you’d still want to scape of the top and eat it…no joke. So here’s a couple of photos to let you drool over in the mean time: (it looks exactly like the cake she advertised- which is great that she is so spot on with her cake design!)



Love notes for Melody Rae

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