Just warming up…

With one super busy Photography packed week ahead of me, I’m super psyched that my Website and blog are finally coming along! I’m so excited for my coming shoots this weekend so I can show off some new content! Fingers crossed the weather stays this nice!

So in the mean time, with April Fools day coming up I thought we could have some fun! So let’s play some like it hot!

How hot is Melody Rae’s Life style Photography? You tell me! I’m just shy of 200 likes on my facebook page. Help get the word out and if I reach 200 by April 1st, and I’ll down one Habenero Pepper courtesy of my favorite restaurant Los Pilones! Let’s make things more interesting. For every hundred I get, I’ll down another one! You can come join me at the new Los Pilones Location in the Neiuw Markt and have a laugh and if you can’t make it, I’ll be sure to share some video and photos.



Love notes for Melody Rae

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