Family Sessions


Your session is a customized experience tailored specifically to your family and your home. Whether it’s your yearly family photos, a way to commemorate your time in Amsterdam, or a Story Teller session I love to collaborate on every step from outfit selection and location styling to final art pieces for your walls. I want you to LOVE seeing your images every day, knowing that we captured you and your family in a beautiful way. In addition to your own personalized family session I offer:


Amsterdam Sessions

Are you leaving Amsterdam or know some one who is? Good bye Amsterdam Sessions are a perfect way to commemorate your time spent here. We can take a walk over the 7 bridges, eat some stroop waffles, visit your favorite places, splash in some puddles or go on a bike ride.


Story Teller Sessions

A story teller Session is a fun themed artistic shoot featuring your family. It could be a vintage picnic, or camping in your own hand made tent, dressing up on a pirate adventure, or playing chef and baking in your kitchen. Little details make the big picture so much more fun and tell a special story along the way. There’s no limit to what you can imagine and I can even help with styling!


A Day in our Life Sessions

A day in Our Life sessions are something I’ve been wanting to offer for sometime now.  However, it is not for all clients.  It consists of a full day capturing your family in activities that are part of your every day life and documenting your family’s life here and now in a truly raw and natural way.


I always get questions about what to wear and generally  tell families to dress in a way that compliments each other and is comfortable to their own personal style. I am personally not a fan of everyone wearing matching polo’s. I do recommend that you try and maybe have one or 2 colors in common with another person and only have every 3rd (and or 5th in a larger family) wear pattern or prints. This will make them really pop in the group and add a sense of depth with out clashing. I’ve got some great examples on my pinterest page. Feel Free to check it out!


A few more tips on what to wear:

  • Layers are a great idea as they can be quickly added or removed.
  • Try and avoid clothing with distracting logos or writing on them
  • Bring an extra change of clothes for kids to wear for after the session
  • Don’t forget the extra details. Make sure you have clean nails, no hair bands around your wrists or sunglasses on your head!
  • Don’t over do your hair and make up. For fab mama’s please check out my friend Katie Larcombe’s page for tips and tricks. She’s also great at doing hair and make up for story telling sessions!
  • Don’t be afraid to be a little over the top with kids and little ones. If it get’s to be too much we can always switch it up or take a step back. I personally love special pieces such as ruffles and tutu’s, leg warmers, hats and bowties, head bands, super hero capes, rain boots, special knits and clothing that give textures…

Styling a session is an accumulation of clothing, props, and location (as well as how the photos are taken) and the style or tone can really make or break your photograph.

I enjoy shooting lifestyle sessions that take place on-location, where I come to a place of your choosing: be it your lovely home, or if you prefer something more urban, or maybe a walk in nature, or even a ride in a hot air balloon! Your session location can help set the style and tone of your photos.  I now have a small home studio, so if that’s your cup of tea let’s discuss how to give you the photos you’ve always dreamed of having.

IMG_0650 copy

I prefer to shoot in places with an abundance of natural light (think outdoors and largewindows!).  With that said, I’ll also have my studio lighting system and, unlike many others, I am not solely a natural light photographer.  If you aren’t quite sure which locale to choose, we can collaborate and come up with something wonderful when book your session by filling out the Client Questionnaire on the last tab of this page. I have lots of ideas that will make for a fantastic custom shoot!


When it comes to props, sometimes less is more. Your location may even help in providing props, where it be a bridge, or your favorite reading chair, or a quilt your great grandmother made.

IMG_9425 (2) copy



Amsterdam Session Starting at €199



  •  Pre session consultation
  • 1.5 hour session on location
  • Fun online premier 7-10 days after photo session
  • A view and order session from the comfort of your own home
  • Presentation of 25-30 Photos
  • Print voucher of €30 quality matt prints on real photo paper


A Day in our LifeSession Starting at €700



  • Pre session consultation
  • In person meeting before the official shoot
  • 6-8 hour session in and around your home
  • Fun online premier 7-10 days after photo session
  • A view and order session from the comfort of your own home
  • Keepsake professional book with your photos
  • Presentation of 50 Photos


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