Show some Love this Valentine’s day

If you were expecting to read about my line up of couple’s Valentine’s day shoots, suave boudoir sessions, and adorable families sprinkling hearts and love on each other I am sorry to disappoint you. But don’t stop reading yet, because in all the things I have lined up for this year, this could be my most important post yet!

I will be spending Valentine’s day in the hospital with my son. There’s a possibility that I may have to spend the night and while I believe everything will be ok, that doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for me to focus on shoots and editing. But I still want to “show some love”, and not in the boring romantic way.

 I want to ask the city of Amsterdam to be my Valentine. This year I want the World to be my son’s Valentine and I want to show you, how it can be your valentine too.

It started the other day when I was taking my son out of the shopping cart and both of his boots slipped off. My hands were a bit full because I was trying to return the cart to the designated area to get my coin out and it was raining. But one woman stopped. She was pregnant and had arms full of groceries. She put everything down to help me put his boots back on. She could have just kept walking like everyone else, but she took the time to do a nice thing for me and it literally made my day! I thanked her and turned to take my money out of the cart, and thought “I should remember to pass on a kind deed more often”. So I left the 50 cents (and put coins in all the other carts). Who ever got the cart probablly thought some one just forgot their coin, but who knows, maybe it helped in some small way?

I once heard, why bother doing something when you can’t “see” the difference? It makes it easier to believe that because we don’t get to see the result in another person’s life, that we didn’t make a difference. I do believe in the breath taking beauty that we call life. I love Life! It’s why I’ve dedicated my talents into capturing special moments through my photography. Life is so wonderful, but I think we can have a hand in making that beauty and showing it.

So I went out to do a few random/spontaeous acts of kindess and want to ask that you join me in Showing some Love this Valentine’s Day!

I was on my way to an appointment, but took the time to help this family with directions! Thanks to my trusty handy dandy iphone and knowlege of the area they found the location!

I love a good coffee. When I arrived the Barrista said “I remember you!” (he would with all the coffee I drink!) I passed them this note because I wanted to give away something I would enjoy recieving myself! I hadn’t expect any of my good deeds to come back to me, atleast not so soon. But before I left the barrista asked me if I had ever gotten a coffee card. (wait so all this time I’ve been drinking coffee I could be saving points for free coffee!?) I had no idea. But he helped make my day because I got a full stamped card good for my next Starbucks! And who says the coffee culture doesn’t care? I espcially love the heart drawing they included to show some love.

Stop. What ever you are doing and thinking right now stop and take a minute to watch this pep talk video from Kid President before you continue to the end of this post:

A Pep Talk from Kid President to You from Kelsey Hayes on Vimeo.

What you’ll need to help Show some Love:

  • A printer
  • Sissors
  • Tape, ribbon, or stickers
  • a camera phone, or camera
  • Pen (optional)
  • 2 ideas on how to spontaeously show some love to another person

You can print your kindness cards here:

At a loss for ideas on what to do? I always think the best thing you can do for some one else, is something you’d appreciate yourself. While handing out candy to children may seem ligit, Mama Bears might not think the same way so be thoughtful and respectful. Including the card may help spread the acts of kindness and help clarify that you are just an awesome nice person and not necessarily hitting on them. Here are a few ideas you can do (and don’t limit yourself, your whole office can do a good deed, or you can do something small for your whole office!)

  • Give away an unbrella to some one who doesn’t have one (or walk with them in the rain)
  • Give up your time to help a charity
  • Carry some one’s groceries
  • Give flowers away to a stranger
  • Remind public workers that they are appreciated (maybe with a sweet treat?)
  • give away honest nice compliments or free hugs
  • Donate to a charity that you wouldn’t normally give to
  • Use your talents or career to do something for some one else (could be playing music or mentoring)
  • Babysit a friend’s kids for free
  • Bake your neighbor something nice just because
  • Help pay for some one’s parking

Snap a photo of how you showed some love  (or if you recieved it!) and share it by adding it to the flicr group, or emailing it to me (also if you want to remain anonymous) at

Retweet using #showsomelove Reshare this post and what you are doing on facebook or other social media and most importantly have a wonderful Valentine’s Day 2013!




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