Spring into Fun + Dutch Tulip Fields!

Spring is here, everything is blooming! My all time favorite seasons in the Netherlands (Spring and Fall) are all about change it seems. Change means new life and growth which also describes everything in my life and business at Melody Rae Photography at the moment and I couldn’t be happier about it! I’m slowly coming out of my “New Mama” cocoon and am more than ready to fly!

No really. Sporting my Mama jeans and dying to get behind the camera (much like a hyped up dutch kid that’s overdosed on stroop waffles and waiting to get on the next roller coaster ride at Eftling), I headed out to photograph this beautiful family that came in all the way from Alaska! I couldn’t love the results more!¬†Armed with his trusty digger we hit the feilds for an unforgettable family session that I am so thrilled to share with you!

Not many people can say that they’ve gotten to “fly” over the Tulip feilds but this little man can! And while it was very sunny during our session it was also crazy windy! Something people tend to forget despite the Netherlands being known for it’s windmills. Even I was nearly blown away and lost my breath a few times but little man was such a trooper! I guess it’s not hard to do when you’re surrounded by such beauty and love!



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IMG_2043 2


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IMG_2349 2


IMG_2412 2



I hope you enjoyed some of my favorite moments from this super sweet session. It’s so great to be back and I have so many exciting things planned, I just can’t wait! Be sure to stay tuned for the coming announcements and I’ll leave you with this one last photograph. I really ought to post some of the blooper photos that don’t make the cut because well they’re just Hilarious! I nearly died! How cute it he? I mean really!?

So, if you’re looking to stop and “smell” the flowers and have your own fun family session, be sure to contact me so I can send you a welcome guide and we can start planning your own custom family session! Spaces are limited!





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