@the Bank- Starbucks new Concept Store

Despite the drab Amsterdam weather I’ve been having a very nice and productive day! I was super excited to have joined the TEDxAmsterdam team as an in house photographer and got to pop in for a short interview and snap a few photos. I’ll be sure to post the link when the interview is posted via TEDxAmsterdam. It was actually very intriguing and I’m sure it would interest some of my writer friends.

After wards I decided to take my Mother in Law out for coffee and to check out the new Starbucks Concept store in Rembrandtplein. I have to say it was pretty cool! (Funny, wasn’t I just blogging about my favorite location just the other day?)

I felt like I was some crazy tourist taking photos, but in all honesty it really is getting to witness some part of Starbucks history in the making (like visiting Pike’s Place for the first time). Sadly, it’s more difficult than I thought to manage a Toddler, coffee, and Camera all at once so the photos were pretty on the go, but gives you a decent idea. For more photos and info on the special services they have there, you should google search “the Bank” Starbucks Concept store. Is that sink not just totally awesome!? I just loved all the touches of Dutchness in there!

It seems that extra Grande Soy Latte I had did the trick, because afterwards I ran errands at the Amstelveen Winkle Centrum (you can check out the photos here) I have now feed and put my son to bed, sent off emails and photos, just about finished up my blogging as well as my new Melody Rae Client guide and still have plenty of energy to finish up some more editing!



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