Wedding of Sophie and Francois

This is one sneak I’m so excited to share! Sophie and Francois have been friends of ours since I first moved to the Netherlands. They were my first stand in models (or should I say vicitims) when I expressed my initial interest in portrait photography. From there, I got to do their maternity photos, and photos of their new born daughter up to age 2. I thought it was a big joke when Francois told me years ago that I would do their wedding photos some day. When I look back at the very first photos I did I cringe with how awful I was, but I’ve come along way and have friends like these to thank it for.

Sophie and Francois are both so kind, loving, and flat out funny. I don’t remember any time around them that didn’t have laughing involved. You can really tell they have a fun loving relationship. When a friend offers to employ you to photograph one of the most important days of their lives, you know it’s because they really believe in you and not because they are trying to be nice. I felt so honored to be both a witness and involved in such a special union of two really great people and had so much fun in the process. So here is a small selection (yes I said small) of the photos that I took to commemorate their special day:

 Just Married! 





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