When in Catalunya…

When in Catalunya…

Ah, what better place to start my about my life style than while enjoying a nice holiday in Spain? When I first saw comments of people wanting to read more about me and my life I thought they had lost it. Then again, my life just so happens to be my kind of crazy so maybe it’s theirs (or yours) also?

So as of now I’m enjoying a nice cold glass of Horchata while sitting in a sunroom 3 blocks from the beautiful Mediteranean just South-west of Barcelona in Spain nestled at the bottom of the Penedès, Cava country. Down below, the local cafe is closing up and 4 gentlemen are finishing their game of dominoes. Today some grey clouds have come down from the mountains with the promise of some cooling rain. We already had a nice sunny morning walking around the beautiful city of Sitges and now is the time of the day to rest and have lunch (which is oddly enough dinner and dinner is actually a light lunch after 9pm). Internet can be sparse here so I thought it would be a good time to check out some photos and do a quick post on my dingy old laptop.

So far I’m loving everything about the Catalan culture. I am so lucky we are staying with local family friends who help us to speak and emerse in the culture here. And oh my word the food! In many ways, it’s probablly a good thing that my dingy laptop and internet are slow here. Knowing me I’d try and sneak in the time to work rather then fully enjoying myself. I have to say it’s been nice to just slow down and do basically nothing. I am doing my best to enjoy this time but am also looking forward to getting home and getting back to work! I left some amazing projects and shoots in need of editing back home!

The first day we arrived, it was during “seista” (not that I knew),  and I thought the whole city of Cunit was some what deserted or quiet. There were no open shops, or almost any that I could see of. Every where shutters were closed and metal garage covers were pulled down. We only passed one or two people on our way in. It had me thinking that maybe we were in a retirement village or a ghost town. After having  dinner and unpacking to settle in the whole city seemed to come alive. Stores appeared where before there had been none, cafe’s and bars opened, placing their tables and seats right out on to the street! More and more people came out, dressed up and began to shop or chat in the street. Kids and babies are out along with them playing in the street till well past 11pm which is the norm here to escape the heat. And to think all the bad looks I used to get when I had B out late back in Amsterdam!

IMG_9752_1 tu

B and Yeya enjoying Siesta after a day a the the beach. Cunit looking deserted while everyone is inside resting.

It’s now occured to me that the reason people loose weight before going on vacation isn’t to look good but to compensate how much they are going to eat! Our “Yeya” as she is affectionately called seems to think we are coming from a 3rd world country by the looks of what she is putting on the table. And she is by far, a better chef then half of the restaurants I’ve seen here. But a week into our vacation we’ve gotten out and enjoyed some tapas, lot’s of Mojitos, and the Cava is continuously flowing. I’ve tried some of the famous Paella and delicous Higos negros fresh picked by Yeya’s son (I think it’s a type of fig?) Don’t even get me started on the watermelon or jamon! And I’m lost as to what it is with the Spanish and their dougnuts! Not that I’m complaining in finding grade A doughnuts and Dunkin Dounuts in down town Barcelona, but it seems every breakfast meal has dounuts and chocolate pastries, with chocolate milk on top! It’s got me craving some healthy granola or a smoothie, or my running shoes!

IMG_0017_1 tu

One of the hot topics right now is the succession of Catalunya becoming it’s own state. I’m not one to get into politics or affairs that don’t affect me but it’s interesting to see the signs and here people discussing it everywhere. I personally am here relishing all the art and history! Whether it’s wondering if that statue paying homage to Christopher Columbus has him pointing in the correct direction, or where Don Quixote first saw the mediteranean sea in Barcelona. The 1900′s art nouveau architecture, art,  Antoni Gaudi, Santiago Rusiñol, and Josep Pujol i Brull have me swooning all over the place!

I’m mostly happy that my little guy is enjoying himself as well. We haven’t planned much and have been playing most things by ear. We’re always hunting a good play ground and little man loves the water and the beach! We’ve even found a cool beach bar that has trampolines and one of his favorite things to do is jump! He even did so well with flying! I’m really very impressed. Now if only this country had the one staple of his diet: peanut butter! Despite it’s few flaws of no peanut butter and too many doughnuts it’s really great and I can’t wait to come back to the NL refreshed, a little more tan, and ready to get back to what I do best! Miss you all and hope the weather and food are just as good where you are! In the mean time feel free to have a look at a few of my snaps:




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